Dr Michelle White
Cliff Guy
Voice Artist

The original adventure man, Cliff has been working with us on projects for nearly 10 years. 

A veteran of television (outdoor, camping, fishing, eco stories) for Andrew Ettinghausen’s Escape with ET, Cliff is also an experienced Producer/Director with many credits and a lot of friends.  Hobbies?  Outdoor stuff, of course.

Joanne Desmond
Brett Shorthouse

An experience producer/director, Brett has produced and worked on broadcast documentary productions in Australia

and spanning the globe including channels 7, 9, ABC, Discovery, National Geographic, BBC and many more.

From a non-broadcast perspective over a 30 year period he has produced and overseen a broad variety of corporate

communication and DVD/multi-media productions for numerous government departments and private and public companies, specialising in effective communications for specific target audience groups.

His hobbies include boating, camping, renovations and woodwork.

Professor Jamie Seymour
High Speed Cinematography

Professor Seymour is one of the world’s most well respected marine scientists with an expertise in venomous marine animals and coral reef systems. His skills as a well known global science communicator, researcher and consultant are in high demand which is why you’ll see him featuring in documentaries and advising on big budget movies. His list of talents also include underwater cinematography with a focus on documenting high speed marine animal behaviours never been filmed before.

The Team

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