Industry Affiliates

Bo Dresig

Bo’s been working with us and others for over 20 years, with productions ranging from television commercials, community service announcements, corporate promos, events, sports, news, indigenous programming, natural history documentaries and more, with recent years on a range of high-end HD equipment. Always cheerful and looking for new experiences. 

Has a passion for 4WDs and the outdoor lifestyle.

Dr Simon Foale
Writer, Science & Anthropology Consultant, Project Leader

Simon is an academic in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at James Cook University. His original training is in marine biology and fisheries science but he now teaches anthropology, a career trajectory that is really the product of having a strong interest in culturally and economically appropriate fishery management solutions, particularly in the developing economies of Melanesia and the Pacific Islands. Simon has worked for governments, NGOs and the private sector on a wide variety of environmental management and economic development projects.

Outside pursuits - photography, gardening, diving and food.

Mark Ferns
Producer-Director, Researcher, Script writer

With a zoology Masters focused on mammal physiology and an extensive documentary career producing tropical rainforest and desert science stories, Mark brings some diversity to the RGB group. Translation - could never be

labelled a fish nerd and has only the shallowest knowledge of corals.Under the new RGB banner of Tropic Productions, Mark is developing new documentary proposals showcasing tropical biology; from the Kimberly to Arnhem Land and

Cape York. There may even be room for ahhh some corals.and the great outdoors.

Russell Kelley
Writer, Producer, Director, Science Communicator

Russell trained as a geologist and biologist before spending a decade making natural history films for international broadcasters. He specialises in science communication and enjoys bringing invisible or complex concepts to life using animation. A keen sailor, diver and avoider of traffic lights.

Sheree Marris
Marine Biologist, Science Communicator,
Commentator, Author and Public Speaker

If Sheree had her choice, she would have gills instead of lungs, a breath hold to rival the sperm whale and a sparkly green mermaid-esque tail. Since she doesn’t she spends most of her time blowing bubbles and developing innovative marine environmental projects that bridge the gap between science and the public. A marine biologist, Adjunct at James Cook University, speaker and commentator, sharing her quit whit and humour of the natural world through radio, television appearances and documentaries. She’s also a former Young Australian of the Year and award-winning author.